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Bandwidth Management


Application Control and QoS

The solution allows the customer to control network’s application usage. Offshore Technologies application filtering is a highly-scalable and robust bandwidth management tool that allows a complete application control of the network’s resources.


Deployed within the operator network, Offshore Technologies caching solution accelerates and controls traffic from bandwidth-consuming applications such as Youtube, P2P and File Download.

The technology stores all media and web content on the local server, eliminating the need to send the same fragment of information twice.

WAN acceleration

The technology increases throughput. Offshore Technologies’ WAN acceleration solution gives the customer the entire tool to accelerate the network, reduce satellite bandwidth usage and increase throughput.

Wireless Integration

With the advent of user-owned (smart) devices, wireless integration has become a necessity rather than a luxury at many remote sites.  However, Offshore Technologies wireless value added solution goes beyond just BYOD:  We are able to design responsive, easily managed wireless network from a variety of purposes from workers welfare to corporate networks. We utilize latest technology to deliver solutions with user logins and controls.