IP PBX services deliver business applications to businesses over the telecom network, intranet and Internet. These services enable businesses to consolidate and outsource much of your IT needs for a predictable recurring fee. Using  IP PBX services not only has real-time chat, audio/video calls, desktop sharing, office PBX, Call Center and other business applications with minimal costs, but also share a global telecommunication network that connects all branch offices together.

Call Center

 Call Center system delivers all the functionality plus advanced ACD queuing, agent monitoring and statistics packages to deliver inbound contact center capabilities previously only available at prices most small businesses couldn’t afford. Now you can interact with your customers via the phone, your webpage, email, fax or IM all from one unified communications platform.

Conference Call
Conference call service is an audio conferencing service scheduled online on internet. At conference time, all participants can speak with the voice as if they were sitting in the same office and from virtually anywhere in the world via the internet with the help of a teleconference moderator selected from participants in the conference call setup.