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Private WAN


Offshore Technologies' WAN solutions facilitate reliable, secured

communication between the remotes sites. Solutions can be implemented

through a number of different technologies to ensure consistency with

customer network design and objectives:


STAR:TDM/TDMA(DVBS2) services allow offering reliable services at reduced cost, 

thus allowing lower pricing. The teleport outbound service is an efficient shared 

TDM DVB‐S2 carrier and thereturn carrier is TDMA. STAR service allocates capacity 

dynamically depending on network load and specific order. 


MESH: This service type is recommended for building a multi‐site Intranet Satellite 

network; maintainoptions for each site, and attain Internet access from our teleport. 

This system allows for all sites withinthe network to be able to communicate directly 

to each other. Also allows the option to attain Internet access directly from the 

teleport-eliminating any double hop conditions and providing a single satellite hope



SCPC/SCPC: This service offers dedicated download and dedicated upload 

capacities. Great for clients requiring predictable throughput performance,

such as VoIP or GSM operator withfixed traffic loads. Clients can expect to

 have exactly what they are paying for 24/7/365 days a year.  If ordering 

128kbps/128kbps, that is exactly what will be dedicated to the site, 

regardless of whether thebandwidth is being used or not. 

Hybrid SCPC Star, SCPC P2P, SCPC Star topologies are available for flexibility.


VNO: With the VNO capability, customers are in full control of their own networks and remotes. The customer needs to purchase only a VNO license, dedicated line cards, protocol processors and NMS servers. The hub itself and the entire supporting infrastructure can be shared transparently with the HNO. The VNO functionality provides lower cost of ownership for customers who need to control its own network. At the same time it helps hub owners expand their business through hosting capabilities.